What is Pragmatic Tracker?

It's a web based outcome tracking tool for tracking change with your clients in mental health treatment

Why might I need it?  

You may want to track client progress in mental health treatment, recovery or in any situation where change can be measured through questionnaires.

What can I measure?  

We have a wide range of well established outcome measures commonly used in mental health treatment (and much, much more)

What else is there?  

Goals-based outcome tool, Problems tracking tool, appointment reminders by email or text and much more...

Is it easy to use?   

Yes indeed, it's very easy to use, help is available throughout and support is at the click of a button

How can I get a quick look?

Take a look at this extract from our training material...Pragmatic Tracker session list

What devices will it work on?

It will work on any device connected to the internet; PCs or MACs, tablets or mobile phones

How can I try it out?  

Contact us today and we’ll arrange a free trial



page last updated: 24/03/2022

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