Easy by design

Ease of use was our starting point for the design of Pragmatic Tracker. We know practitioners are busy people and want to focus on their clients, so we made data entry both flexible and quick.  You can do it yourself as you talk to your client or you can ask the client to fill it in before or after an appointment.

Clients can fill in measures online in the waiting room or in your office. Or you can send them an email link straight to their own measures and feedback forms. You can even send them a secure, PIN protected link to their charts so they can see their progress and discuss it with you - great for remote working by phone and web.


If everything is just where you expect it to be, filed in exactly the right place then you can breeze through any task quickly and efficiently.

Help is at hand

Not just one help system but two.  Sometimes you just want to ask, "what's this bit for?", sometimes you want a more complete explanation.

Practical, common-sense displays

Pragmatic Tracker is mostly very easy on the eye but when you really need to know something it stands out and the colours will tell you whether you need to know for the right reasons or the wrong ones!


Having information available at your fingertips that makes sense to you and your clients is an enormous asset. Forms and measures stored away gathering dust help nobody. 

Key Advantages







page last updated: 28/09/2019

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