How it works 

Bill Andrews, one of the founders of Pragmatic Tracker explains how it works.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it remind you to book appointments?

The traffic light system highlights clients on the client list not seen for 15 or 30 days

Does it restrict you to using certain measures? 

No, within sensible reason and subject to copyright restrictions one can have any number of measures, as few or as many as one wants. See the measures page for more details

Can you add your own notes? 

Yes, pretty much every data entry screen offers opportunities to add notes. 

Do you use Pragmatic Tracker during or after a treatment session?

Most probably will use in the session, asking for measures to be filled in right before a session and feedback at the end of a session. Some will send a link to measures to fill out in advance of an appointment and feedback after appointments. Others still will use paper and enter data afterwards. But ideally people will look at the charts and scores with their clients.

Can it be output to an excel spreadsheet?

Yes, this is how it works.

Is the data from different clients collated?

Yes, the data outputs to excel reports for further analysis. Depending on the level of access and one's permissions the data available is limited. Practitioners can see their own data. Managers can see all their practitioners data. Directors can see all of their entire service data. 

What kind of reports does it generate?

There are 3 different reports to csv files or xml files which open in excel. They offer varying levels of complexity. However, at the client/practitioner level there's a wealth of information easily reported that informs a practitioner how well his client list is doing, from an overall sense of his cases and then, drilling down, a lot of information about each case. For instance, the 'summary' tab provides an overview of everything to do with any 1 case. This also exports to csv.

Designed with ease in mind

Our aim in design is to have what you need to know available to you when you need it and to be able to get at it easily.

Equally, it needs to be obvious and straightforward how to input the relevant information that will be helpful to you and your clients.

Whether it's charts, summary screens or sessions, you'll find Pragmatic Tracker intuitive and elegant. Help is also always available on every page.

End user specialisms 

  • Mental health
  • Wellbeing
  • Coaching
  • Social work
  • Education
  • Service evaluation
  • Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) 




page last updated: 15/07/2017

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