Outcome tracking

Whether you work, study or research in any environment where you need to track outcomes using questionnaires, as a private individual or as part of a team, our tracker application will assist you in measuring and monitoring your service user progress in treatment and recovery.

Examples of where Pragmatic Tracker can be used are mental health or substance abuse services, coaching, complementary or alternative medicine, social support and recovery services.

Built from the bottom up, prioritising first and foremost the needs of service users and practitioners, you can immediately begin to see how Pragmatic Tracker can help you.

The data that is gathered as a result can be used to produce reports and show evidence of results - vital evidence when you need to prove results and effectiveness. 

Additionally, we offer consultancy, training, support and software to customise your own bespoke system built to specifically meet your individual requirements or that of your organisation, both in terms of data entry and reporting. Meet the ever increasing demand for accountability to commissioners of services.

Made to measure - unique to your client

So often we know that measures, no matter how brief or lengthy, simply don't accurately match our client's experience. We want to be able to track the changes that our clients think are most relevant, session by session.

Using our unique goal or problem measure builder allows you to build a measure bespoke to the needs and aspirations of your client and then check in regularly with them on changes through treatment. In effect, a new measure can be created with each new client.

Problems - Goals

Build a measure unique to your client

As problems unfold and goals shift, flow with them graphically

Add problems or goals as you go through treatment

Like layers of an onion, problems shift and change

Label them as you wish

Use the client's own words to describe their difficulties and goals

Track what's relevant

Explore what changes really matter over time just as you do with outcome measures


In our comprehensive support package we work with organisations to help them develop reports that are customised to their requirements. We build relevant prototype reports on the exported data. Should a service wish then to have such a specific report available within Pragmatic Tracker we will quote for the development cost. 

In addition, data from Pragmatic Tracker can be output as a csv file for use in Excel spreadsheets.


The flexibility of Pragmatic Tracker means you can use your own measures.

We have a wide selection already available for use including ORS and SRS: measures

Track goals and problems on the chart

Problems or goals are then tracked as an aggregate score, averaging the individual values. They can also be looked at individually on their own chart.

Clients love to see the shifts taking place during treatment.

You know what sorts of issues you are commonly working with. The traffic light system applies to the problems and goals scores just as it does to any other measures.

Read more about traffic lights

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page last updated: 15/07/2017

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