Pragmatic tracker  complies with all IT requirements for GDPR, HIPPA and ISO 27001. Customised systems can be configured to meet your security needs, with 2 factor authentication for log in available as an option. All text data is encrypted. Each instance of Pragmatic Tracker is backed up locally on a daily basis in addition to the server back-up.

In multi-user systems we can tailor the security and backup arrangements to fit service or organisation governance requirements. Extra hosting charges may apply.


Our company, Manyother Ltd. is listed as meeting the NHS Digital Data Security & Protection 2019/2020 Standards.


Click here to read our information Security Policy

Click here to read our Data Protection Policy


Safe and Secure


Two-factor authentication

Meets stringent GDPR requirements

Complies with HIPPA standards

SSL Encryption enabled


page last updated: 20/11/2020

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