Service delivery policy

Our standard license agreements include all of the features explained below.

User level:

Pragmatic Tracker facilitates the configuration of access to suit the organisation.
Features include-

  • 2 factor authentication
  • Enhanced password strength (no. of characters, special characters, capitals etc.)
  • Password expiration
  • Lock-out following ‘n’ failed log-in attempts 

Installation level:

Server Level:

  • Software & Database
  • 24 hour Chron jobs
  • Checkfiles – warns of file changes in software
  • Checkclients – warns of any client hard-deletes
  • Backups – backs up entire file set –software and instance database

Host provider backup
24 hour backup to servers in host secure data centres

Instance monitoring:
All instances monitored every 5 minutes using Uptime Robot with immediate email alert following error detection.

Dedicated server hosting:

Our installations are hosted in a dedicated server protected with a hardware firewall, engineered for uptime-critical, performance-oriented requirements. This provides a highly secure, redundant and hyper-converged architecture hosted in ISO2000-, ISO9001- and ISO27001-accredited world-class data centres, featuring advanced redundancy and multiple fast network connections.

Our managed hosting is provided by a British company based in Manchester, UKFast ( Our installations are mounted on a dedicated server protected with a hardware firewall.

Each instance of the PT system is mounted on a unique URL with its own SSL certificate.

The server is maintained and monitored 24/7/365 by an enterprise support team at the hosting provider under a Service level Agreement (SLA).

Backup systems provide both whole server disaster recovery protection and individual file/database recovery. The SLA provides for total hardware replacement and re-install within 2 hours in the event of total hardware failure.

Our standard Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is Tender Proposal - Pragmatic Tracker.doc Page 4 of 9 24 hours for each. The support team manages all operating system updates and patches. Anti-virus and malware detection are in operation and updated every 24 hours.

Firewall protection is managed through the enterprise support team who advise on server hardening. The hosting company owns and operates their own secure data centres certified to ISO 27001 so there are no additional third parties involved.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the above comes as standard. Should your organisation have additional requirements we can recommend services to meet your needs. Additional costs will be involved.

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Last updated 28/04/2017

page last updated: 28/06/2017

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