Setting up your system

Our service and support

We realise that most users have enough on their plate running their practice, without having to learn how to configure yet more software.

For this reason we offer full service and support, so you can get on with what you do.

A scaleable system

Single users with special requirements

Extra features designed to meet your needs can be incorporated

Universities and research institutions

From small research and training needs through to entire departments we can build to your requirements

Small teams, services or organisations with multiple users

Multi-user systems with the permissions structures you require built to match the way you work

Medium to large organisations with specific and sophisticated requirements

Because of our flexible architecture we will build to your requirements and complexity needs

Help and support while using Pragmatic Tracker

Introductory help and videos can be found by clicking the help button at the top of every page and you can search for specific data there.

There's more detailed and specific help available everywhere you have to enter data, explaining what each box is for and what to enter into it.

There is also an extensive help website.

Pragmatic Tracker is fully documented, with help at the hover of a mouse.

We also have extensive help pages and videos online

Link to help pages

Request a callback

Find out how Tracker can work for your practice. Enter your phone number to request a free ring-back...




page last updated: 13/07/2017

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