Unique system email facility

We believe in versatility and choice so the more ways it's possible to capture measures the more likely it is that the job will get done.

That's why we built this really special feature that allows you to send an email securely from the system direct to the client and in turn facilitate them to fill in measures from their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Sending system emails

See client scores before the session

Send a system link to outcome measures the day before appointments

Solicit feedback after the session

Send a system link to feedback measures after appointments

Save a vast amount of time

Eliminate paperwork and save time in sessions

Easily follow up clients

Perfect for remote link, e-therapy, checking in

Responsive design

Our responsive design means there's no need for apps. The client simply clicks the link in the email and fills in the measures.

You can edit your standard messages and also edit the individual messages you send, personalising them to the specific client. We love this feature and we know you will too.

page last updated: 12/07/2017

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