Case Studies & Feedback

PTSD Resolution 

"As a charity working with a national group of practitioners delivering mental health treatment to veterans ( ) we need a robust system that is simple and easy to use so we can seamlessly communicate with our practitioners and they, in turn, can monitor change with our clients.

We've found that Pragmatic Tracker has been a perfect fit for our needs. The support is excellent and the team at Pragmatic Tracker have helped us produce regular reports on our work as well as making data available for independent research."

Karolina Grzyb,

Administration PTSD

"Robust system, simple and easy to use"

The Human Givens Institute

"The Human Givens Institute ( advises its graduates to make the use of outcome and feedback measures to monitor progress in treatment with their clients a matter or routine. I find PT to be the most useful tool available for this purpose. 

Each therapist has their own, private account where they can manage records for each of their clients.

Pragmatic Tracker is packed with simple to use features that make it easy to record and monitor patient progress, and this can make a real difference in therapy work.

And as a by-product of usage the database of evidence continues to grow, helping the ongoing task of evaluating the Human Givens approach to treating mental illness and providing material for publication."

Miles Daffin, Human Givens Foundation

" The most useful tool available for this purpose"

Emerging Futures

"At Emerging Futures we work with individuals, families and communities through a national network of experienced and qualified staff, volunteers and wellbeing coaches. We need a flexible adaptable system to wrap around how we work and Pragmatic Tracker has been a perfect choice for us.

Their support team couldn't be more helpful and as we grow and develop so does the presentation of the software in parallel.

We're delighted with both the service and the product."

Trish McKitterick

"The support team couldn't be more helpful"






page last updated: 13/07/2017

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