A great feature of Pragmatic Tracker is the ability to include almost any measure that presents in a standardised manner (vertical or horizontal likert scales, visual analogue scales, freetext, or combinations.

Additionally, with the suitable permission structure, there is the ability to build instruments to your own specification

Below is a selection of some of the measures we have available. Click on the short name to the left for more details. Click on the long name on the right to download a pdf of the measure.



















General anxiety disorder 7 item

Impact of events 15 item 

Impact of events 23 item extended 

Patient health questionnaire 9 item 

14 item needs assessment 

Ratings of Outcome 3 item 

Social phobia inventory 17 item 

Short  mental wellbeing 7 item 

Work and social adjustment 5 item 

PRN 5 item feedback 

PRN 7 item feedback 

Session evaluation 3 item 

Outcome Rating Scale**

Session Rating Scale**

CORE 10 item sessional outcome*

CORE original 34 item outcome*

Impact of events, revised 22 item 

CORE Young persons 10 item*


* CORE measures available here as pdf's have been adapted with permission from CORE Information Management Systems to facilitate data entry from paper to Pragmatic Tracker. They are not for use in any other way. CORE measures are made available within Pragmatic Tracker under a creative commons licence.

** ORS and SRS are copyrighted measures. The paper versions of these instruments can be accessed from Performance Metrics

Customised measures

In Pragmatic Tracker we have made a wide and varied range of measures available that provides choice to practitioners, including measures for wellbeing, general distress, specific distress and feedback.

In customised versions of Pragmatic Tracker any measures can be built in subject to the usual copyright permissions and license fees where they apply. In addition we can build whatever screening and assessment forms and measures you require.

There may be measures you use that are not available in our system but we can build them for you, subject to appropriate copyright permissions.

Please contact us with any enquiry.

PragmaticTracker offers a wide range of measures. You can import new measures or even create your own! 

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